Kris LeBlanc is an emerging contemporary artist with a passion for space, movement and colour. Originally inspired by his surroundings, he began painting vibrant reflections of landscapes and architecture as well as surreal works of places he invented in his imagination. Kris’ abstract work reflects his deep appreciation for space and all of its uniqueness. His drip and pour techniques are inspired by the beauty of the universe. In particular, his Supernova series is an abstract depiction of supernovae (exploding stars) and its remnants.

Kris mainly uses acrylic and oil paint. He paints on canvas but sometimes uses masonite as a surface. Kris often chooses vivid colours with bold brush strokes. He also enjoys the added texture of using a palette knife. Recently, he's been exploring the freedom of drip and pour techniques, allowing the paint to move with gentle guidance. Kris is currently working on larger pieces with greater depth, vividness and contrast.


Kris LeBlanc is a self-taught artist from New Brunswick, Canada. His talent was spotted early on when he won a high school art competition but it wasn't until many years later that he realized painting was his true passion. In 2009, he received art supplies as a gift. He started painting and never looked back.

Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Kris spent most of his childhood in Fredericton. He spent 10 years living in western Canada before returning home. He lives with his family in New Maryland, New Brunswick.